It's Memorial Day Weekend, and millions of Georgians are expected to hit the road. According to AAA, about to 34.6 million people will travel by car this Memorial Day weekend. Yvonne Thomas spoke to travelers in Georgia about their weekend getaway plans.

AAA says they expect to see more than 1.17 million Georgians on the road this weekend. Folks say they're ready to have some fun and make a lot of new memories.

“Just like Macon, we're making memories,” said Jake Brigham from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jake Brigham and his wife decided to hit the road early this weekend. “We said hey let's hit the road and see what Macon is all about,” said Brigham.

And after a few days of BBQ and fun in Macon, they'll go visit family further south. “Yeah, we'll be here all weekend, then we're heading down to Florida,” said Brigham.

While millions will spend this weekend celebrating with loved ones, this group will honor one of their own. “I have a cousin that recently passed,” said Evita James from Panama City, Florida.

Evita James' cousin Beverly recently died from cancer. She says this weekend is about celebrating her life. “She was full of life and we're going to go ahead and put her to rest on the Island and we're going to celebrate just a few more hours with her,” said James.

So whether you're living it up in a different city or remembering your loved ones that have passed on, these folks say you should make this Memorial Day weekend one to celebrate.