A missing Georgia man's body has been found in Twiggs County.

The Twiggs County Sheriff, Darren Mitchum, says they got a call from the Alpharetta Police Department around 3 a.m. Friday morning. Mitchum says the Alpharetta Police Department told him the missing man could be in Twiggs County on Glover Road.

He and two investigators spent an hour combing through the woods on Glover Road until they found the body Friday afternoon. Sheriff Mitchum says he thinks the person has been missing since early this week.

"It was decomposing very fast due to the weather. I believe this person has been here since...probably since Tuesday or Wednesday. Foul play is suspected,” says Sheriff Mitchum.

He says foul play is suspected due to the condition of the body when it was found.

“I’m not familiar with any of the suspects in the case. As to how they would come to even know this area or if it was by chance, I don’t know,” says Sheriff Mitchum.

He says the body of the missing man was found about 30 yards from Glover Road. Sheriff Mitchum says he is proud that his team could help the Alpharetta Police Department and bring a family some closure.

“Obviously there’s a family there looking for a loved one and we were able to help in that to at least help them be able to get some closure. I’m proud of my guys. When you’re working from no leads as far as a particular area you have a lot of area to cover,” says Sheriff Mitchum.

Sheriff Mitchum says he cannot say how the Alpharetta Police Department knew he might be found in Twiggs County. But he says he knows the Alpharetta Police Department already has suspects in the case. No name has been reported yet.

The body has been transferred from the Twiggs County Coroner’s Office to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Fulton County to perform an autopsy. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Alpharetta Police Department is investigating.