Police in New York have located two babies missing out of Walton County since late December - but their 16-year-old mother is still missing.

For weeks, agents had been searching for Kenyah Randall-Edwards who they believed had left the area with her two children - 2-year-old Kensharri Randall-Edwards and 1-year-old Shariah Randall-Edwards. 

On Wednesday, around 1:30 p.m., they had a break in the case when an address in New York, where they thought the children may be, turned out the be accurate.

Police, FBI agents and protective services workers went to the home of the biological grandmother of the two small children and found them both - but not their mother.

Kenyah Randall-Edwards
Kenyah Randall-Edwards, 16, is missing from Monroe with her two children, 2-year-old Kensharri AND 1-year-old Shariah.

Although Edwards is the biological mother of the two children, she still needed permission to take them across state lines because they were in state custody.

Now, those children have been placed in the custody of New York Child Protective Services and appear to be in good health. However, they will still be taken to a New York hospital for medical evaluation.

Agents and officers are still looking for the mother.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the Walton County Sheriff's Office at 770-267-6557.