Thursday, Dooly County streets filled with cars, bumper-to-bumper.

"About two hours, but it's well worth it," that's how long people say they waited for their chance to get a bag of food from the Middle Georgia Food Bank.

Dooly County took a big hit by Hurricane Michael. People say they lost their power for week, which ruined their groceries. "My lights were out for so long and everything ruined, and I'm just trying to get everything back together," says one woman driving through.

And Thursday, they are headed down the right path, thanks to volunteers packing the cars.

"Well, I felt there was a need. I'm a farmer and milk cows and cropping, and we were greatly devastated, so I wanted to help in any way I could," says volunteer John Coody.

Another volunteer, Latika Presley says, "I would have volunteered to help anybody, but the fact that I live here in Dooly County and it's our own county, so I decided to come out and help today."

Volunteers packed cars with one bag per person. They saw about 400 to 450 cars full of families drive through.

Middle Georgia Food Bank handed out two trucks full of food to people who drove through, but two wasn't enough, so they called in for a third.

The work by volunteers didn't go unnoticed by the people coming to get food. "It's good. It feels good," says one man passing through.

Lisa Green came through and says, "By them giving us this free food, it's very helpful to us."

And right before Betty McClendon drove off, she said, "It means good to our family. This is a great thing for the Dooly County people because they really need it."

The line for bags lasted several hours, until the food ran out.