Berries are a summer favorite for many of us, but one Central Georgia berry farm opened its doors for one final season Friday.

“We usually get as many blackberries and blueberries as we can,” Lily Robinson said. “We eat a lot of them, and then we try to freeze them so they last all year.”

She and her daughters have been picking berries at Deer Creek Farms in Monroe County for the past few years, but that tradition ends this summer.

“It’s sobering, and we're going to miss it,” owner Seth Peed said. “We’re going to miss the people.”

Peed runs the farm on his mother’s land, but the family has decided to sell it. He planted the bushes back in 2008 as a way for his children learn to work.

“It’s going to be sad to see it go for sure,” Henry Peed said.

He’s the owner’s oldest son. Over the past nine seasons, he and his siblings have learned a lot and grown up, and so have some of their customers.

“They come back to the stand and they've got berries smeared all over their face,” Seth Peed said. “They are smiling, it’s a lot of fun seeing them enjoy it, and see their family enjoy it.”

Robinson’s daughters, Samantha and Charlotte, will enjoy the berries now and the memories later.

“It takes a while to find special places and special things to do with your kids,” Robinson said. “It’s always disappointing when something goes away that you really cherish.”

If you couldn’t make it out to their opening day, don’t worry -- they will be back open on Monday for Memorial Day. They're located on Jenkins Road in Monroe County.