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'We're in a dire situation': Monroe County pauses on dumping commercial waste at landfill

Commissioner Eddie Harris says the pause is temporary.

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. — Monroe County is putting a temporary pause on commercial waste intake at their landfill.

Commissioner Eddie Rowland says the landfill is now almost full, and would estimate that around 3/4 of it is commercial waste of some kind.

“Over the last week is the first time that the engineers and the landfill management came together, and actually said we’re in a dire situation with a place to put our waste, so we’ve got to make a decision and make a decision fast,” Rowland says.

The landfill serves about 13 recycling centers and they want to save room for this waste and other household waste.

Rowland says businesses that have a regular waste bill were notified of the change.

He says they also recognize that going further to a new landfill is costly, but they're digging new space in the landfill to make way for more waste.

This new space will give them about 5 to 6 more years of storage, and they’re looking for ways to make it last longer.

“We're just working with the engineers and with the contactors to get it open back in business. Hopefully about 45 days and we'll be back to business,” he adds.

Rowland says businesses can expect an official announcement from the Monroe County commissioners when the pause is over.


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