BARNESVILLE, Ga. — Two Monroe County women were arrested after deputies said they found abandoned and neglected dogs at their home.

"The lack of care, of not caring, and intentional neglect, and it's criminal," says Dawn Kennedy, Director of the Monroe County Animal Shelter.

Kennedy walked through a home off Unionville Road in Barnesville with dozens of dogs living in filth. 

"It really is awful how people treat animals and just don't have any remorse for it," says Kennedy. 

The sheriff's office removed 43 live dogs, and one that died.

Kennedy says seven of the dogs had no lower jaws. 

They arrested Lynda Cummings and her daughter, Brandi Marzka for dozens of animal-abuse charges.

Investigators responding to a complaint discovered the dogs in what they called deplorable and unsanitary conditions.

Cummings' neighbor for over 20 years says it was shocking to hear about her arrest.

"I'm totally surprised that she would be accused of cruelty to animals or anything like that because she's always raised them and she loved them all," says Michael Sampler.

Kennedy says Cummings was selling these dogs up until 6 months ago, and didn't have a license with the Department of Agriculture to legally do so. 

"They just were starving for somebody to come get them," says Kennedy.

Monroe County says they contacted the Atlanta Humane Society, which took the dogs to its shelter.

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