Sports lovers in Forsyth look no further. Around 11 people in Forsyth and Monroe County want to start a county sports Hall of Fame.

For both Malik Herring and Caleb Etheridge, two football players at Mary Persons High School, sports are a valuable part of their lives.

“The excitement of it, the feeling you get when you hear the crowd roar,” said Herring.

“I love playing football, the physical contact and the fans,” said Etheridge.

Their coach, Brian Nelson, has seen many players walk across the field, and says Forsyth needs a site to commemorate their longstanding history.

“You know, a lot of people come through here with great athletic achievements, and this is our way to honor those people and to create this sports hall of fame which has probably been a long time coming in a community like ours that enjoys and loves sports as much as it does,” said Nelson.

Several people in Monroe County gathered to create a Forsyth-Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame. Jim Harden said there’s several people that come to mind when thinking about sports.

“Well, the person that comes to mind is Dan Pitts, who is the football coach for 30 years,” said Harden.

They're in the preliminary stages and don't know where it would go or what it would cost, but they do know, "It's very important to honor all of the great players,” said Etheridge.