Monroe County Schools will keep its after school programs at least through the next school year.

The district announced last week it would cut the programs, but Tuesday, Superintendent Mike Hickman says they've reversed course.

The school system reported in an email that the decision was made because of staffing, meeting individual student engagement needs, and the hosting of Boys and Girls Club.

The Monroe County Schools announced on May 11th that they would not host elementary after-school daycare programs for the 2018-2019 school year. They suggested that parents enroll their kids in afternoon programs at the county's Boys and Girls Club.

Superintendent Mike Hickman says they're shifting course after getting emails from 5 parents who count on the after-school service.

He said they'll look at their staffing plans to find ways to keep those programs in place for the 2018-2019 school years.

School board member Eva Bilderback said she didn't get advance notice that the programs were being canceled or Tuesday's announcement that they were coming back.

Hickman said the superintendent has the authority to make program decisions, but in hindsight, he probably should have included the school board in the after-school issue.