Officer Dalton Windham from the Montezuma Police Department said winning the Smarr-Smith Scholarship was extremely special because he knew them personally.

"It's bad when it happens anywhere, but it's even worse when it happens close to home, especially with people you know -- it's just no feeling to explain it," Windham said.

It's been over two years since Officer Nicholas Smarr and Officer Jody Smith were killed in the line of duty. 

Windham said the community lost two great officers, but he lost two great friends.

"Always together always hanging out with them, it was just very detrimental to my friends and myself," Windham said.

Since then, the Americus community came together and started the Smarr-Smith Foundation.

Foundation President Nigel Poole says they'll never be forgotten.

"In Jody and Nick's memory, we raise money and give it back in the ways of donations to the local law enforcement here in town," Poole said.

One way is through the Smarr-Smith Criminal Justice Scholarship for law enforcement officers looking to further their education.

 Windham received the award from Smith's mother, Sheron Johnson.

"Mrs. Sheron handed me the scholarship, I kind of teared up a little bit. It's a great feeling," Windham said.

Windham earned $250 which he says he'll use to finish his business administration degree. 

Smith's father, Johnny, is happy to see his son's name live on by helping others.

"Everybody's son don't make a difference in the world, and everybody's son doesn't die a hero," Smith said.

Nicholas Smarr, an Americus police officer, and Jody Smith, a Georgia Southwestern Campus officer, were shot and killed by a suspect after responding to a domestic call in Americus in December 2016.