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'Macon is very soulful': MoonStruck Souls moves from Griffin to Macon's Ingleside Village

Owner Shay Hunt has over 30 different varieties of crystals such as raw rose quartz, sculpted lace agate, amethyst and more

MACON, Ga. — MoonStruck Soul wants to bring new energy to the Macon's historic Ingleside Village.

It's an eclectic boutique that specializes in soulful healing, energy work, and spirituality tools.

"We're a very energy-based place, we're very keen on our energy...so very eclectic and you're gonna find a wide variety of a bunch of different things," said owner Shay Hunt.

Hunt began as a small, Instagram jewelry business called Moonstruck Dangles that she ran with her mom Tracy Hunt.  

After six months, Shay and her mom decided that they should branch out into a storefront in Griffin in August 2020. After a year of business, they are now moving to make Macon their new home.  

"It's bigger. It's everything that I could ever want in a store. It's on the track to the store I've always wanted and what I envision myself running," Hunt said.

Almost everything in MoonStruck Souls is handmade. They sell handmade soaps, jewelry, and clothing that is hand-dyed by Hunt herself. 

Her top selling items are her crystals. She has over 30 different varieties of crystals such as raw rose quartz and amethyst, sculpted lace agate mushrooms and stars, whole crystal clusters, and more.

People commonly use crystals for bodily healing or as reminders for peace in their everyday life. Those who collect crystals also believe that they have the power to channel certain energies into one's life. 

"For instance, you have an amethyst crystal and amethyst is really good for anxiety, for sobriety, for calming. So, you may not believe in that actually helping you but you see it, you kind of remember. It's like a mental thing, you see it and you're like 'alright, calm, peace, got it,'" Hunt said.

She also works with other eclectic sellers like herself to sell candles, dolls, and spell jars. 

She says that Macon is a good place for her store because its "easy-going and easy-pace." 

"Macon is very soulful. There's a lot of soul here. I feel very at home here just because nobody judges anybody," Hunt said. "I feel more myself in Macon than I have ever felt anywhere else that I've lived." 

Hunt thinks that the universe leads people into her store. 

"That's like my purpose, I want you to leave here with something you didn't come in with. Not tangible things, not materialistic things, something soulful. Something that made you feel good, something that elevated your energy level," Hunt said. 

MoonStruck Souls will be open on August 7 at 2328 Ingleside Avenue.


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