Whether you're watching the Super Bowl for the game or for the spectacle, if you find yourself on social media at halftime, you might see something that looks familiar.

It's a music video produced by Houston County local Chris Dunn.

He's lived in Warner Robins almost thirty years, and in that time, he says he's seen a lot of things change.

"We've added a few more red lights, that's for sure, paved a few more roads, built a lot more structures," he said. "There's a lot of places in town you won't even recognize."

Dunn wanted to celebrate the roots of the county and the growth that's sprouted up from them.

He hopes people "realize we're not a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. We're Warner Robins, Georgia!"

So he spent the last year-and-a-half filming iconic spots across the county and pairing them with the sounds of Warner Robins singer Danny Boone.

Dunn's goal?

"I hope it goes nationwide, for sure. Put Warner Robins back on the map again," he said.

Dunn says he's released several teaser videos already that have racked up close to 20,000 views online.

The full video will drop on the Houston County Highlights Facebook page during halftime.