This week, WMAZ went out to Samuel Hubbard Elementary in Forsyth to surprise third grade math and science teacher, Mrs. Amy Carter.

Carter has been teaching at Samuel Hubbard for just under 10 years now and says she wouldn't trade her job for the world.

"I love the boys and girls here, they're just all so special," Carter said.

She says she tries to incorporate learning and fun every day in the class.

"I try to implement rewards and incentives, so right now we are working on Math Whiz Kids, and if they reach their goals, they'll have a Valentine's treat on their desks tomorrow," Carter said.

She says the most fulfilling thing is knowing she's making a lasting impact on her students.

"It's very rewarding when I know that they got it and I know they're going to be able to hold onto that for the rest of their life," Carter explained.

It's her passion for teaching and making the classroom fun that inspired student Heather Hulsey to write in about her amazing teacher.

"She makes math and science super duper fun, I could never think of a better math and science teacher in the whole wide world," Hulsey said. "She works amazingly with all kids."

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