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My Teacher is Tops: Christy Amerson at Wilkinson County Elementary

We're celebrating Central Georgia's top teachers on National Teacher Appreciation Week

IRWINTON, Ga. — It’s national Teacher Appreciation Week and we know teachers have had to go above and beyond to meet all the challenges over the last year since the pandemic began, so we’re honoring top teachers across Central Georgia every night this week.

Ben Jones went to Wilkinson County Elementary to surprise Mrs. Christy Amerson.

When he arrived, the school was having an assembly inside the gym. Students thought they were going to hear about Milestones testing, but that wasn’t so…

Once Ben started into his "motivational speech," the cat was out of the bag!

Although she is in distance learning, nominating student Trinity Tucker made a special trip to the school to see the surprise.

"At first it was frustrating, but seeing her smile every morning, she would always say, 'If anybody needs help, send them to me,'" said Tucker.

Trinity's mom, Tiffani, was emotional too.

"She has passion for these kids. She gets on every morning, she makes sure that the kids get the materials they need," said Tiffani.

Mrs. Amerson says it was an adjustment to teach online.

"I'm very disappointed with this type of year because I didn't get to see her every day in person. That's what I've missed about all the kids, not being able to see them," said Amerson.

She also says online teaching gave her more compassion for her students, because it helped her understand them more than before.

“It’s such an honor that a child would feel that way about me,” said Amerson.

Congratulations to Mrs. Amerson and all the teachers in Wilkinson County and beyond! We salute you and we are so grateful for the sacrifices you make and long hours you put in for our children.

We're honoring more teachers too

  • First grader Lizzie Odom at Johnson County Elementary says her teacher, Kristy Farmer, makes her bad days better.
  • Endia White from Hancock Central Middle School says her teacher and cheerleading coach, Patrice Foreman, should be honored because she likes to get the job done and help students succeed.
  • Second grader James Boone emailed us. He says his teacher, Mrs. Brittany Ortiz at Kings Chapel Elementary in Perry, is a top teacher because she has helped him become a better reader, writer, and math student.

Do you have an amazing teacher? We want to honor them. Text us a picture to 478-752-1309 and tell us why they are a top teacher. Include your name, the teacher’s name, and what school they teach at, and you just might see them on 13WMAZ.


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