This week, we went to Bleckley County High to surprise high school U.S History teacher, Luther Lucas.

A beautifully written, 4-page letter was sent into us here that detailed what makes Lucas such a prime candidate for the title of top teacher.

Three of his students nominated him, with each writing why they think Lucas is tops.

11th grader Logan was one of the girls who wrote in and had this to say about Lucas

"I promise you one thing, when I go into fifth period without a shadow of a doubt, if no one believes in me, Mr. Lucas will,” said Logan.

Another student said, " He's the best teacher, and never fails at trying to help students do the best they can."

The three girls all spoke so highly of Lucas, saying he never leaves students behind, but strives to make them understand and perform well in class.

They say he makes U.S History a joy to learn and cares about each student individually.

Lucas was so surprised and says the students and staff make his job such a pleasure.

If you have a top teacher, send us a one-page handwritten letter to:

1314 Gray Highway

Macon Ga, 31211

Remember, neatness counts!