This weeks' My Teacher Is Tops winner is straight out of Warner Robins.

Melissa Middlebrooks is a 7th and 8th grade math teacher at Huntington Middle School

One of her students, Michael Bloom, wrote WMAZ a page-long letter explaining why she's the best teacher.

"She is a wonderful person and we all are glad she stepped foot on this earth. She has multiple talents and more," wrote Bloom.

Yahzmein Alvarez, a student in Middlebrooks' class, agrees.

"She will do what she needs to do to get stuff done and make our goals actually come true," said Alvarez.

Middlebrooks, a Middle Georgia State University graduate, teaches more than 50 students on problems in and out of the classroom, hoping to make a positive impact in their lives.

"I'm not just teaching kids content and stuff but also, like I said, making a connection with them because that definitely helps them out as well," said Middlebrooks. "I mean any one can step in and you know just spit out the content to them. You have to make that connection and make them want to learn and make them want to be productive in your class."

Bloom says this surprise was given to a determined teacher.

"This might be the first year that I've had her, but she's already proved to herself that shes a great teacher," said Bloom.

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