This week My Teacher's Tops took us to Howard High School in Macon where we surprised Mr. Mitchell Moore.

Moore has been teaching at the school for three years and has struck all the right chords with his students.

One of those students is Cherokee Lowe who wrote to us about her top teacher.

"Mr. Moore always says, 'I'm throwing music stands at you, what do you do', the answer is 'get out of its way,’" Lowe explained.

She says that Moore is always pushing them to reach their best potential and believes in his students wholeheartedly.

Moore, a teacher who is normally always keeping up with tempo, was caught off-key when we surprised him.

He says hearing his students nail a note is his favorite part about work.

"Those moments when the chord really locks in and the students really get that note and everything sounds so beautiful, you can't get anything better than that," Moore said.

Moore said he enjoys teaching a wide variety of music, from ‘Amazing Grace’ to classic choral, but he also loves holding one event in particular.

"In the beginning of the year we have like a Pops concert called Howard's Got Talent,” said Moore.

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