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My Teacher is Tops: Tyler Sapp at Bleckley County Elementary School

Tyler Sapp teaches 5th grade.

BLECKLEY COUNTY, Ga. — We're recognizing "royalty" as we head down to Bleckley County school district.

At Bleckley County Elementary School, there's one first year teacher that's making math marvelous for his students! 

Tyler Sapp actually began his teaching career before he was even out of college! But he's learned a lot in his first year teaching.

He says he want his students to have the same experiences he had when he was in school, experiences that inspired him to teach.

One piece of advice Sapp gives his students is to run through a brick wall, that means doing something they wouldn't normally do.

5th grade student Caleb Nowell's brick wall is writing, he broke through that wall when he wrote his letter nominating Sapp.

Caleb says Sapp likes to joke around, but he takes learning very seriously and truly cares for his students.

"Mr. Sapp always picks me up when I am down. He is not only a good teacher, but he is also a great friend," Caleb said.

"I was not expecting that at all. I was just doing my job, my job is to just teach and come in everyday and love them, and I tell people you get to do three things: you love them, you play with them and you teach," Sapp said.

Congratulations Mr. Sapp! 


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