Hurricane Nate has officially weakened to a tropical depression not long after making its second landfall in Biloxi, Mississippi Sunday morning.

At around 1:30 a.m. EST, the storm made landfall near Biloxi Mississippi about 5 hours after first hitting the coast earlier near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Nate then had maximum winds of 85 mph.

But since then, the storm's maximum sustained winds have dropped to 35 mph making it a Tropical Depression. The National Hurricane Center reports that it will continue to weaken as it moves farther inland over Mississippi and Alabama.

Here in Central Georgia our primary risk is for a few brief, spin up tornadoes. Rainfall amounts will likely remain below an inch with the majority of us seeing less than half an inch of rain, meaning flooding is not a concern. Winds will be sustained tomorrow around 10 to 20 miles per hour with gusts over 30 miles per hour, but given these numbers power outages appear small. The main window for our impacts from Nate here in central Georgia is today. Nate exits the southeast by Monday morning, although lingering shower activity is still possible.

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