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Texas couple adopts 2-year-old boy just in time for Christmas

His real gift for Christmas is better than any toy money can buy.

NEDERLAND, Texas — Everyone should have a home for the holidays and this year, a lucky two-year-old boy in Nederland will have exactly that.

Lauren and Myers Mullins are husband and wife turned father and mother after undergoing what they call a blessing.

The couple spent the last five years trying to grow their small family.

“The doctors, we went through fertility treatment over and over and over, two rounds, and finally we figured we were tired of the disappointment," Myers Mullins said.

They decided to try another route and were thinking about adoption

"We left that meeting and got in the truck. Lauren looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘this is what we have to do,’" Myers Mullins said.

Fast forward to the fall of this year when they got a call.

"She ended up sending us a picture, and I was like, ‘this is the cutest kid ever, big head, big cheeks,’” Lauren Mullins said.

They didn't hesitate and after jumping through some of the legal hurdles they made it official.

"We're sitting here and we're telling you it’s a million percent worth it, the slight heartaches and the slight emotional stress you will go through, every little bit is worth it when he looks at you and says ‘hey daddy -- hey mommy,’" Myers Mullins said.

They say it didn't take long for Jude to feel at home

"Whether it be first thing in the morning late and night not feeling well, he developed an immediate attachment to us,” Myers Mullins said. “He is definitely more attached to meet at this moment, he is definitely a momma's boy right now."

And luckily for the momma's boy, mom is planning to stay at home full time with hopes of growing the family even more.

"We're actually opening the doors again to get a second foster child, we hope to foster 10 children if we can,” Myers Mullins said. "I want Jude to have a brother or sister if we potentially adopt again and to have someone to play with."

Now, with Christmas on the way, Jude has a lot to look forward to.

"I got pretty intense with spending on his gifts and I had to be stopped," Myers Mullins said.

But his real gift for Christmas is better than any toy money can buy.

"It's hard to know what a two-year-old feels about Christmas, ultimately what Jude knows is he's happy, he's healthy, and he's got a mommy and daddy that love him, and will always be here for him," Myers Mullins said.

Everyone deserves a home for the holidays.

From now on out, 2-year-old Jude Mullins will have exactly that.

"When we got married we were happy, living a great life and all that but we always knew something was missing, we're now whole," Myers Mullins said. "There’s never a moment when you don’t think about this is worth it, everything we have been through with him has been worth it."

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