DUBLIN, Ga. — Neighbors are speaking out after James Thompkins was shot and killed in Dublin this week. 13WMAZ talked with the Dublin Police Department and to a neighbor who says he is mourning a friend.

"What I want to talk about is black on black crime, a subject not a lot of people want to talk about, we are killing each other like flies, and it seems like people sit back and they do not want to say anything about that," Dublin police chief Tim Chatman said. 

Now Thompkins' neighbor Kemo Pauldo is trying to figure out what happened.

"He was the type of person to help out anybody he can, you know anything he can do he pretty much did it," Pauldo said. 

Pauldo says he lost a father figure Sunday morning.

"If I'm wrong he is going to tell me I'm wrong," Pauldo said. 

He says the neighborhood is usually quiet, but when he heard gunshots Sunday morning he knew something was not right.

"I came out here, and didn't see him, so I just went looking for him," Pauldo said. 

Dublin Police say Davion Thompkins got into an argument with his uncle James Thompkins that ended with James dead, and Davion charged with murder.

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"An individual had been shot, officers arrived on the scene, and they began CPR," Chatman said. 

Chatman says Davion Thompkins claimed he shot his uncle in self defense. The chief says the investigation proved otherwise. 

"He was arrested minutes later at Fairview park hospital himself, and was charged with the death of his uncle," Chatman said.

For now, Pauldo says he is remembering brighter times like when James would fix up cars.

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"A lady called me all the way from Florida, just saying how she is going to try and get here, because he was able to help her to get back, her and her grandkids because everybody was going to try and charge her more," Pauldo said. 

Pauldo says he has not slept since the shooting and he is praying the crime in Dublin will stop.

"And for my man to just go out with violence, all I can say is stop the violence," Pauldo said. 

If you have any information on either of these shootings you can call the Dublin police department at 478 277-5023.

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