The massive distribution warehouse known as 'Project Unicorn' is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Its plans call for up to 1,000 new employees and hundreds of trucks to move goods.

But some are worried the project will bring too much traffic to the Sardis Church area.

There are already three other businesses nearby and some neighbors are concerned that the warehouse would make truck traffic worse.

Grady Stokes of Macon said, "especially [at] certain times of the day truck traffic's very heavy and when they're coming off a clover leaf that you can only go thirty miles an hour on, it's already more than it can handle."

Another neighbor said that she's concerned for her safety on the roads.

"Our life is in danger every time we go out," said Bobbie Edwards, another neighbor to the proposed warehouse.

Several others had similar concerns, but refused to speak on camera..

Project planners say they intend to add a new traffic light and adapt parts of Skipper and Sardis Church roads to address the traffic issue.