The start of school is quickly approaching, with many starting in early August.

A new law could impact some Central Georgia schools that the state deems "chronically failing".

This school year, the "First Priority Act" could possibly turn some schools around.

Gy'niah Hogan is set to start second grade in just a few weeks at Ingram-Pye Elementary school in Bibb County.

“She advanced and moved up in her grade,” her mother Gynae Curry said. “She made all A's and she made honor roll this year.”

Curry says she's happy with her daughter’s school, but the state labels it "chronically failing.” It’s one of 11 in Bibb County.

Last November, voters turned down a constitutional amendment that would have allowed the state to take over those schools deemed “chronically failing.”

Since it didn’t get the green light, the generally assembly passed the First Priority Act.

“It’s better than the initial idea,” Bibb Superintendent Curtis Jones said.

He says although it isn’t perfect, schools on the list will first have to come up with a turnaround plan.

Then, a state-appointed chief turnaround officer and turnaround coaches will monitor progress.

“If you’re still not able to make improvements, then the chief turnaround officer may select your school for takeover and that may happen around year four or five,” Jones said.

He says that collaboration is what makes the new law different from the amendment voters turned down. Jones says they've made some strides in Bibb.

“Were making the progress we've talked about,” Jones said. “People don’t need to worry about one of our schools being taken over.”

Curry says she seen the progress first hand at Ingram-Pye, and believes it will continue without a state takeover.

Below is a list of Central Georgia's chronically failing schools based on the state's report card that covers test scores, graduation rates and other factors.

Baldwin County

  • Oak Hill Middle School
  • Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • Midway Elementary School

Bibb County

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
  • Southfield Elementary School
  • Barden Elementary School
  • Union Elementary School
  • Appling Middle School
  • Ballard-Hudson Middle School
  • Brookdale Elementary School
  • Bruce Elementary School
  • Hartley Elementary School
  • Riley Elementary School
  • Southwest High School

Dooly County

  • Dooly County Elementary
  • Dooly County Middle
  • Dooly County High

Dublin City Schools

  • Dublin Middle School
  • Saxon Heights Elementary School

Macon County

  • Macon County Elementary School

Peach County

  • Hunt Elementary School

Twiggs County

  • Twiggs County High School.

The state of Georgia uses the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) to measure a school's performance.

A school with a score below 60 is considered failing. Schools on the Chronically Failing list had at least three years in a row of failing scores.

193 total schools are on the chronically failing list