A rabbi from New Jersey came all the way to Macon to monitor the polling center at Bruce Elementary School on Houston Avenue.

Rabbi Steven Fox is a lawyer and the CEO of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

His group, along with several others, are monitoring polling places in several states. Those other groups include the Religious Action Center and NAACP.

They call it ‘Nitzavim,’ which they say means to be counted. The initiative is nonpartisan.

Fox says they chose Georgia as one of the places to monitor, due to confusion over voter ID laws.

He says he felt a responsibility to watch.

“To us it was important to give back to the communities that we come from and certainly we enjoy the benefits of living in this country, and we get to vote! So, we want everyone else to vote, so it was very important to us to be part of the process,” Fox said outside the polling center.

Fox also said his parents’ history was an important personal motivation.

“This is very important to me on a personal level, as it is to many of us in this country. My parents were raised in Europe where they lost not just the right to vote, but all civil rights. And eventually, were threatened with losing their life, so they fled to America. What did America offer them? Citizenship,” Fox explained.

The group of four said they have been answering questions all day, but have not seen any problems at Bruce Elementary.