It's good news for Active Duty military parents who move to Warner Robins.

A new Georgia bill that took effect July 1st will make it easier for military parents to put their kids in the public school they prefer.

The families that will benefit the most from House Bill 224 aren't here yet and that's the point.

The bill allows military families that move into on or off-base housing anytime during the year to request a school transfer. Those transfers are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, they depend on whether space is available at the school they prefer. When considering transfers, Houston County considers a school full when it reaches 80 percent. That way, they still make sure to leave room for other families that move into school zones during the year.

There was already a Georgia bill that allowed any parents to request a different school for their kids, but the deadline for that is August of each year.

The difference with the new bill is that military families can make requests whenever they move to a base in Georgia, even if it's the middle of the school year.

Richard Rogers at his office at the Houston County School Board in Perry, GA

Assistant Superintendent for School Operations Richard Rogers says it could help new kids get comfortable quicker.

“You know they may want their child to attend another elementary school where a close relative also goes, or a friend. So this gives them the opportunity to attend another school where we have space availability for them,” Rodgers said in his office.

The deadline for any parents, including military parents already here, to request a change of schools for their kids is August 21st.

At the moment, Houston County has openings at 13 elementary schools. Those schools are Bonaire, Centerville, Hilltop, Kings Chapel, Lindsey, Miller, Morningside, Northside, Parkwood, Russell, Shirley Hills, Tucker, and Westside.

Openings in each elementary school can vary by grade level.

There are currently no openings at any Houston County middle or high schools.

Applications are due August 21, 2017.

For new military families that move to the area after the school year begins, a transfer application is due within 10 school days of your child's registration with the County.

To apply for a transfer under House Bill 224, military, or House Bill 251, non-military, you can go to the School Board’s website and click on the parents tab.

It is a one-page application that must be mailed to the Assistant Superintendent’s office.

The address for that office:

Dr. Richard Rogers

HCBOE School Operations

P.O. Box 1850

Perry, GA 31069