The finishing touches are happening at a new park in south Bibb County.

George Lewis began playing chess as a kid.

His mom saw some older guys playing one afternoon not too far from Houston Avenue.

"She asked me if I wanted to learn. I said, 'Yes,' and she took me up there and they didn't hesitate to teach," Lewis recalled.

Now George will get his turn to give back.

AARP gave $10,000 to create this chess, checkers, and Connect Four park a reality.

Antonio Lewis Ross is part of a group that will help maintain this space.

It's the first phase -- a nearby lot will turn into a playground, and a home next to the game boards will morph into a clubhouse.

"You know, that's the goal to get generations together, you know, teaching that education isn't exclusively for schools. You know, your neighbor can be a teacher and someone else you can look up to," Lewis-Ross said.

"It brings people together, it gives something to the community other than just hanging around and standing around, and it allows people, chess allows people to open their mind and just do something other than the norm," Lewis said.

As for Thursday's ribbon cutting for the chess, checkers, and Connect Four park, it's at 12:15 p.m.

The address is 848 Lynmore Avenue in Macon.

The park will be staffed Friday afternoons and all day Saturdays -- that's when you can sit down and the pieces will be provided.