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Peach County High School's new principal hopes to build strong relationships with students

Peach County High's new principal is feeling at home, and Monday morning, we went to school to see Principal Jesse Davis working the hallways.

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — Peach County High School Principal Jesse Davis is feeling at home with over 1,000 students and over 100 staff and faculty to lead into the 2022-2023 schoolyear. 

Davis started as head of the high school in April, but he's served as a principal in other counties for over 10 years.

He greeted students and faculty Monday while ensuring that everyone made it to the right place safely.

Principal Davis says he wants to build a strong relationship with students, and he wants them to feel comfortable with sharing their issues and concerns to teachers and staff.

"We all need help," Davis says, "And we have over 100 adults that come here every day with that purpose in mind, so if you're facing a situation you need help with, do like I do -- go ask an adult for some input and some help."

Davis says he has a new hashtag for the students: #PeachIsASweetPlaceToLearn.

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