Just off of Fulton Mill road lies the Recovery Center for River Edge Behavioral Health.

River Edge says they've helped adults and children battle addiction, disabilities, and mental illness for more than 40 years.

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Cass Hatcher serves on the board for River Edge. “The building is old -- 1977. It basically won’t meet any ADA requirements. It's basically too small and we can’t upgrade,” said Hatcher.

He says the space is outdated and they need more beds to keep up.

“People come from all over Georgia because of the services we provide at this facility,” said Hatcher.

He gave Bibb County commissioners a peek of their plans for a new building with 52 new beds, a crisis service center, and a dining hall.

The old facility houses 44 people and it will he torn down once the new one is built.

Joe Allen, county commissioner for District 6, says he stands by the project because it will benefit some of the community's neediest people.

“What they’re doing out there now, they got homes out there where they can watch them so they don’t have to go back to the general population. They have homes that they can live in,” said Allen.

Allen wants to make sure the plans include lights and a sidewalk.

“It’s too dark out there at night. You have to have a place for them to walk if they want to walk up to the store,” said Allen.

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Overall ,it's a $13.7 million project. $4.3 million of that comes from county SPLOST funds.