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VERIFY: No millage rate increase in Warner Robins

The city notified residents that there is a proposed property tax increase. But does that mean the millage rate is going up? Mayor Randy Toms says no.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — The City of Warner Robins sent a notice last week saying the city is considering a "property tax increase."

So, does that mean the city is raising its millage rate?

We spoke to Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms to find out.

The language in that notice sent by the city has some people confused.

Many in the International City were left thinking the property tax increase must mean a millage rate increase for homeowners, but is that true?

"They see tax increase and they think millage rate increase and that's not what this is. It is not a millage rate increase," Toms said.

He says their millage rate will stay the same, with no roll backs and no increases.

The tax rate for people in the city will stay at 9.98 mills, which is where it has been for the last three years.

So, what exactly does this increase mean?

Toms says there will be a 0.21 increase for Warner Robins, Houston County residents and a 3.44 increase for Warner Robins Peach County residents.

That increase would only affect people building new properties or building an addition onto their house.

"Most people, I mean like the large vast majority of people, are not going to see any difference at all," Toms said.

He says they estimate that increase will bring in close to $455,000. That will go directly into the general fund, which can be used to pay city employees.

"This way we keep the millage rate the same, generate a little bit more pay for the pay raises and the step increases that our employees get, which keep long term employees around for a long time," he said.

So, we can verify that no, the city is not raising the millage rate this year.

This is almost identical to what the city did last year, but for 2019, the increase was 3.59 percent.

There will be three public hearings on the proposed increase.

The first two are on September 14 at noon and 6 p.m. The third is on September 21 at noon.

To submit questions and concerns, you can email the city at publichearing@wrga.gov. The hearings will be streamed on the City of Warner Robins' Facebook page.

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