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Northside Middle School gets students ready for school year with free haircuts

Basby says they hope to give out 50 haircuts and they've still got openings. It’s not just for the boys, girls with low haircuts are able to get trims.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — We're just days away from the start of school for Houston County students. As they grab their backpacks and prepare to hit the hallways, Northside Middle is hoping to help parents check one more thing off the list-- haircuts.

Northside Middle School's Assistant Principal William Basby says sometimes looking your best helps you do your best. 

"We're under this mindset that if they look good, they feel good. Then, when they get to school, that's something they don't have to worry about. Then, they can focus on learning," Basby explained.

After brainstorming how to connect with students, the Jets' faculty came up with free haircuts, boosting confidence while reducing the strain on parents. 

"If they have 3, 4 kids in the system, that could be easily 100 bucks to get a haircut so we just wanted to present the opportunity, really take that weight off the shoulder of parents," he explained. 

Without barbers, haircuts would be impossible. 

After posting a call to action, nine stylists volunteered to help turn the cafeteria into a barbershop.

They include Keshawn Brown, An'Travious Taylor, and  Alex Dimas of Olde World Barber Shoppes.

"It's great to be able to use my craft for something positive in the community, so Mr. Basby, shout out to him for that," Brown said. 

"I actually went to the middle school when I was in middle school so I actually went through 6, 7, 8 at Northside Middle, so it’s good to be back," Dimas said. 

"I seen he had the post up there. One of my good friends actually tagged me in it and I see it and I read the post, so I was like, 'Ooh, let me message him,'" Taylor said. 

Each barber has their own reason for giving back the time.

“I know it's a breath of fresh air because everybody wants to be fresh on their first day of school, you know what I’m saying?” Brown said. 

“I definitely feel like it helps them overcome that fear of the first day of school and looking good. We’re able to give them a haircut before we do that, I feel like it’ll boost their self-esteem," Dimas said.

“Anytime I'm able to give anything back for little to nothing, I’m going to do just that," Taylor said.

The barbers are giving students a great start to the school year.

“They'll come into Northside Middle and get a haircut and feel great and be ready on the first day of school, that's a plus for all of us at Northside Middle," Basby said. 

Basby says they hope to give out 50 haircuts and they've still got openings.

It’s not just for the boys -- girls with low haircuts are able to get trims. 

If you're interested in getting your Northside Middle student in line, you'll need to attend Wednesday's meet and greet from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Find the barbers' social media here: Keshawn Brown @platinum_cutsbyshawn, An'Travious Taylor @mr_rockoutdabarber, and  Alex Dimas @torpedodabarber.

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