Ocmulgee Brewpub is about to celebrate their one-year anniversary Saturday.

Owner Kaitlynn Kressin says it's a special time.

"To me, our one-year anniversary is a big accomplishment because within the first year, a lot of restaurants don't make it because it is a very difficult industry to be in," she said.

Ocmulgee Brewpub is, of course, known for their beer, but also for their gourmet burgers and truffle French fries.

Saturday, they will have free cookies for customers and they will tap into a special cask that evening. It's the third part in their dark-side series.

Kressin says a successful pub is good for a healthy Macon downtown.

"When people go to travel, they search out craft breweries and taprooms and things like that, and so the more of that we have in town, the more of a tourist destination Macon becomes and the more people that come downtown, which has been really great," said Kressin.