Just seven miles south of Milledgeville sits a spot on the map in Baldwin County named Stevens Pottery.

Worth Prestwood grew up in one of the only remnants of the past there.

“In fact, last week on Instagram someone tagged me because they said, ‘I bet that’s a haunted house,’” said Prestwood.

Haunted? Maybe, but it is full of history.

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Prestwood brought WMAZ in on a quick lesson.

“It was in the 1860s [when] Henry Stevens moved here. He came from England and married a woman from Georgia and had six children and went into business with two of his sons,” said Prestwood. “When they grew up, one of the sons lived in this house that I grew up in.”

The family began and ran a pottery business – hence the name Stevens Pottery.

Not much of it is left. The pottery and brick factory was torn down and a pink building on the street has seen better days, but the memories live on.

“This was a store owned by Mr. Wood and it was also where we could get mail,” said Prestwood about the pink building. “As children we made quite a few trips down here to spend whatever change we scraped up from around the house.”

Terry Daniel moved into the town when he was eight-years-old.

He still lives across from the plot that used to house the factory.

He says he never minded the industrial noises that filtered into his bedroom at night.

“I miss the old pottery running, I really do. The sound of that big horizontal kiln running used to put you to sleep. It took a lot of getting used to not hear it again,” said Daniel.

Nowadays, the occasional car comes by with people that still wander in with questions.

“Well you know, we’ve had tourists come from New York City and stop here wanting to know where they could buy the pottery,” said Daniel.

They’re out of luck when it comes to getting bricks from around here anymore, but they can still stop by for the stories.

“When we lived here, we had people stop by. It was regularly at least once a month that people would want to know the history, that would want to look around, so we were always open to that,” Prestwood said.

Today, Stevens Pottery stretches about one city street – Jay F. Road in Baldwin County.