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Central Georgians work to cleans up storm damage, officials discuss importance of flood insurance

If you don't have flood insurance, you must wait until the governor declares the area to be a disaster and then FEMA will step in with funds to assist.

MACON, Ga. — In times of an emergency, it’s nice to have the safety net of insurance but most home owners and businesses do not have flood insurance.

Central Georgia homeowners aren't the only ones facing cleanup after Mondays storm.

"And I noticed a big lake in the back and I thought 'uh oh' and sure enough when I got inside there was water all inside the basement,” Lynn Deaton said.

Deaton says she was met by several inches of water at her store Henry's of BolingBroke.

About 20 minutes away another business owner is grappling with damages of his own.

A video online shows Hud's Bar and Grill and Countyline Liquors under water and almost unrecognizable. 

Owner Jonathan Hudson says they're looking at thousands of dollars in damages.

"Going through basically our life savings, this is our livelihood were a family run business,” Hudson said.

Hardwood floors ruined, and hundreds of bottles smashed on floor.
Hudson and his family now face the unknown.

"I do carry regular insurance, but I don't carry flood insurance, so I don't know what's going to be covered, what's not going to be covered. But, I have contacted them, they're going to send someone out to assess the damage and we're going to go from there," he said.

Hudson is just like thousands of other Georgians who don't have flood insurance.

"Unfortunately, people think that just because they don't live on the coast or next to a river or a lake that they don't need flood insurance but actually any of our properties could flood if we get torrential rain," Joanne Oni said.

Joanne Oni, of the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office says Homeowners and renters insurance does not typically cover flood damage so you may have to.

"But in most of these instances if they don't have flood insurance they would have to wait until the governor declares the area disaster an then FEMA would step in and provide them with funds," Oni said.

Oni also says if you are trouble with flooding, contact your insurance company and if you don’t have insurance contact the federal flood insurance program.

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