The new baseball and softball fields at Freedom Park are supposed to be open by late February or early March.

That is according to Macon-Bibb spokesman, Chris Floore.

He says they will be laying down grass later this week and he knows that a lot of little league teams are really looking forward to the new facilities.

The renovations include four new fields and a concession stand. The project cost 2.6 million dollars of SPLOST money.

Sam Joy, Mercer Law student, grew up playing baseball at the field. He used to watch his brother and sister play there when he was three. When Joyce was old enough his dad coached his t-ball team.

“My closest friends I still keep in touch with we started in little league, in t ball playing together. There was like a group of five guys that started there, played together, and played all the way until high school together," he said.

Joyce says that he remembers the field as being nice.

He said, “We’re getting to where kids don’t have the opportunity to play in nice facilities. It was nice when we played on it and we thought it was the best thing, we thought we were playing on The Braves stadium when we were little. I hope that it gives the kids a place to come together and play.”

Lorraine Knight’s 8-year-old nephew plays for the Vine-Ingles Little League.

She says that in the past they’ve had to travel to Dublin for tournaments. She is glad that the team will have a new facility in Macon so that she doesn’t have to travel as far to watch games.

Knight used to play softball there herself.

“I used to play there for hours just hanging out with me and all of my cousins.”

She said the condition of the fields had gotten bad, but she can’t wait to see her nephew play ball in the same place that she did.