Hester Foods Inc., the operator of a Kentucky Fried Chicken location in Dublin, has settled a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The suit was filed by the EEOC in June 2017 on behalf of a former manager, Cynthia Dunson, who alleged the owner violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when they fired her in summer 2015 after finding out she was prescribed medicine for bipolar disorder.

It described how the owner referred to the medicine in obscene terms and forced her to destroy the pills by flushing them down the toilet

The EEOC filed the suit last summer after unsuccessfully trying to reach a pre-litigation settlement seeking back pay, damages and relief to prevent future workplace discrimination.

On Thursday, the EEOC announced via news release that Hester Foods, Inc., will pay $30,000 to settle the lawsuit.

The release says that in addition to providing damages to Dunson, the decree settling the lawsuit requires Hester Foods to create and handbook with policies that prohibit discrimination.

They are also required to provide annual equal opportunity employment training and notify its employees of the lawsuit and periodically report to the EEOC about complaints.

Antonette Sewell, regional attorney for the Atlanta District Office, said, “Employers are not allowed to force workers with disabilities to choose between their jobs and their health. Reasonable accommodation includes allowing workers to rely on their physicians, not on the opinions of the company managers.”