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From Our Table to Yours: Spiced Rum Cake and Sorrel for your holiday meal

You can test some of our favorite family recipes at home!

MACON, Ga. — Just in time for the holidays, we at 13WMAZ wanted to share some of our favorite holiday recipes with you!

For this episode, James Duncombe, chef at Tropical Flava in Macon, prepared Spiced Rum Cake and a traditional Jamaican drink, Sorrel.

Duncombe says he wouldn't call himself a chef per se, but has been cooking since the age of 11. He says growing up in a large household with many siblings, he had to learn early how to thrive in the kitchen.

This recipe was learned in Jamaica and the Bahamas, and when asked what inspired him to cook, Duncombe says its all about his audience.

"Just seeing someone like you, seeing someone's face when they bite into something and see how nice it is and how good it is, and I think for most chefs that's the biggest compliment they can get," he says.

Starting with the drink, Sorrel is a classic Jamaican staple made from hibiscus plants. Its infused with ginger and other spices, and is a dark red in color.

The cake us usually topped with coconut shavings, but if you don't like coconut or are allergic, you can always exclude it or replace it.

No matter how you choose to customize you cake, Duncombe says that the cake and sorrel go together. The compliment each other, so you must eat them as a pair.

If you try the Spiced Rum Cake recipe, email us at news@13WMAZ.com to let us know what you think!

Spiced Rum Cake and Sorrel


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