MACON, Ga. — Some kids need a little warming up to do before they talk to new people.

“My favorite subject is reading,” Shatorria Gladden said.

That is the case for 14-year-old Shatorria. Being one of six kids, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

“She’s shy,” Shatorria’s sister, Destiney, said. “But once you get to know her, she opens up to you. She’s very playful.”

Destiney says Shatorria loves video games, English, and learning more about her friends.

“Once you hear from her, she’s mostly playing or asking you questions about your day, how you’re doing, what you did today,” Destiney said.

Shatorria is looking for a mentor she can call a new friend.

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“Get snacks, learn new things,” Shatorria said.

Her father, Sqanto Bond, says he is honest with his kids about the violence in the community.

“You know I try to school them and educate them about the street and about any scenario that can happen. Because anything can happen at any given time,” Bond said.

It’s what Bond says he learned growing up in east Macon. That is why he hopes a mentor can help guide Shatorria, just like one helped Destiny.

“From the mentor being around her, taking her to different things, it took a little pressure off of me,” Bond said. “You know some things maybe I couldn’t – I didn’t – want to respond to or I didn’t want to talk about, a mentor could.”

Shatorria is also hoping she can find a mentor who can help her in the classroom.


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