If you've got a pesky ghost problem, not to worry. The Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigators are on the case, but they are looking to expand their ghost hunting team, and you could be the new member.

Founder Shannon Marie Ray says getting into the paranormal field normally starts at a young age.

"I was sleeping in my grandmother's house in Unadilla, and in the room next to me, her and my grandfather were snoring away. I would hear bedroom slippers going down the hall. I would cover myself with a blanket. From there it progressed from fear to interest,” says Ray.

She says they are looking to add ghost hunters to their group that are passionate about it. Ray says it is more than just a hobby.

"It can be costly, but it's a passion and it's something that you have to do. It's more like a second job. It's a job you love to do. When people try to join the group and they say, 'I want to do this, it's a hobby,' I say, 'I promise you don't have a hobby that takes this much time or money,'” says Ray.

She says what costs the most is the equipment that it takes to ghost hunt. Ray says the technology is constantly evolving.

"But you can be like, 'Hey, if you want to come and talk to us, come up to this light and then I know you're here.' Their energy will make the lights fluctuate,” explains Ray.

The founder says she started the group about 9 years ago here in Macon. She says it is the perfect place to track down spirits because of its past.

"That's the kind of beautiful, rich history that ties in directly to the paranormal because the paranormal is history. It goes hand in hand. The experiences people have leave imprints and sometimes they leave imprints. Sometimes they're still here,” says Ray.

So If there's something strange in your neighborhood, Who you gonna call? The Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigators. Ray says over the last 9 years they have investigated at least a hundred cases. Ray says that investigation at a business on Hardeman Avenue discovered the spirits of a little girl and an older man that were trying to communicate.