According to the National Retail Federation nearly 126 million people will shell out cash on Super Saturday.

Many last minute shoppers say a few things led to their shopping delay including, waiting to receive Christmas lists, taking care of other financial priorities first and just simply being too busy with other things.

But along with waiting to spend comes an even longer wait for an empty parking space in busy shopping plazas.

With Christmas right around the corner sometimes a parking space is as rare as a present inside a pancake.

So we asked shoppers to take a few seconds out of their day and share their consternation over the concrete.

We got varied responses that included people waiting for a space to vacate, folks parking in handicapped spots without a physical challenge and people taking up two spaces with one car.

We consulted with Macon Bibb Deputy, Garrison Page who ironically just finished up working a fender bender at Best Buy.

"One of the people inside of the business called and said someone struck the front of his vehicle," he said.

It happens, especially in late December.

"I can say from personal experience I actually work part time out here and I've answered several wrecks out here in the past couple of weeks because people aren't paying attention or not putting their phone down you know just slow down that phone call or text can wait," Page said.

You don't have time to talk, especially when you shift into reverse.

"If you have a backup camera that's great but we prefer that you turn around and look it will take an extra two or three seconds to look both ways," Page advised

The National Motorists Association Blog put out the top five rules for parking lot etiquette. They included traveling in the right direction, abiding by the speed limit and using your turn signals.

"You don't want to call your insurance company because you've got better things to do like buy your gifts for family members and what not, Page said with a smile.

If you do see someone that you suspect is parking in a handicapped space that may not have a challenge you can call your local police department.

But remember that does not warrant a 911 call.