Alan Whittington started fighting fires a long time ago.

He says his first official day was August 3rd, 1984, but that wasn't his first time on a call.

"I was running calls before then, but I was not 18 years age, so I could not legally be a firefighter," he says.

But almost two decades ago, he got a new colleague.

"Alan and I started dating and I started going on calls with him," said Tiffany Whittington. "I learned that I was not a very good watcher. I wanted to get in there and help and do stuff, and all the guys were very encouraging for me to do that."

She became a volunteer firefighter with the Peach County Fire Department, just like her then-boyfriend Alan. In the years since, they've spent some pretty unique quality time together as a couple.

"We have fought structure fires together," said Alan.

Some things have changed over the years.

"Now we have to fight over who goes because we have kids," said Tiffany. "It used to be before kids, he would drive and I would put on my gear and be ready when we got there, and now that we have kids, we have to fight over who's going."

But their love for each other has stayed strong.

"There's nothing that slows her down whatsoever," said Alan.

"He cares and he loves me and takes care of me. He does whatever he has to make sure we are all taken care of," said Tiffany.

And now, the married couple is getting ready for the next generation to follow in their footsteps.

"I want my kids to be firefighters," said Tiffany.