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Peach County high schoolers learn new skills in audio, video technology class

Peach County High School is the School of the Week!

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — It's lights, camera, action for Peach County High schoolers!

They're making sure their voices are heard through the school's Audio-Video Film and Technology class.     

From storytelling to filming, this school is providing students with new skills.

Naveah Wilson and Timothy Deas say everyday in their audio-video film and technology class is like a scene from a movie.

"I truly couldn't ask to be put in any better class," Deas said. "Because this Audio-Video Film and Technology class, is the best Audio-Video Film and Technology class there is."

"I love this class so much," Wilson said.

Each day is different. 

"In here, we go anywhere from creating graphics all the way from video editing and production," Deas said.

"My favorite part about this class is the experience that I'm getting," Wilson said.

And that's the point. 

This course was created for students interested in film to get hands on experience, and a sneak peek into what the industry looks like. 

"We work on a lot of projects for the district, we help other schools in the county -- for example, we did a spelling bee, we do a lot of live broadcasting, live streaming basketball games... football games. And we're really industry professional when we do it," Deas said.

Robert Hill teaches this class. He says his goal is to get students career or college ready. 

Once students complete three AV courses, they're able to take the pathway assessment, which allows them to get certified in television production.

Something he's very passionate about. 

"I love what I do. This is fun to me. To be able to pass it along to my students, it's a great feeling," Hill said.

And it's an even better feeling to see that his students are passionate about it as well.

"My AV students, I don't even have to ask them for anything when it comes to anything. They volunteer, 'Can I do this, Can I do this.' It's good to have kids that want to do something, and they love what they do," he said.

The class is working on commercials for non-profit organizations in Central Georgia right now. 

Once those are done, each student will have the chance to present them to the organization of their choice. 


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