The annual Peanut Straw Poll at the Georgia National Fair has kicked off and fair goers are voting a little differently this year.

In past years, voters have chosen Georgia's candidates for SEC Presidential Primary and President of the United States.

Since municipal elections will be on the ballot this year, voters are having some fun and voting for their favorite peanut products.

They'll also have the chance to support their hometown high school football teams.

It's all happening in the Gridiron Showdown, and it doesn't take much to cast your ballot.

“It's a really easy process, you can come in grab a peanut, and vote in our question of the day,” said Alexandra Collins with the Georgia Secretary of State Office. “Today's question is ‘what's your favorite peanut product?’ So, you're voting for peanuts with peanuts, and then you can come over to one of our iPads and vote for your favorite high school football team.”

You can vote at the booth in the Georgia Grown Building or by going online to

The Georgia high school team receiving the most votes will receive a grand prize.