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'Any peach grown in Georgia is a great peach': Pearson Farm in Peach County opens for season

Fun fact: Peaches are native to China, not Georgia (despite them being our state fruit)

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — It's peach season, and where better to find peaches than Peach County?

Lawton Pearson is the fifth generation Pearson at Pearson Farm. The family started growing peaches in 1885. It was just one family farm out of several that were growing the crop.

Today, Pearson Farm grows on 1,500 acres in Peach, Macon and Crawford counties.

"Any peach grown in Georgia is a great peach," said Pearson.

As one of the biggest peach farms in the state, their peaches are sold all over the East coast.

"Every peach you eat has been picked by hand," said Pearson.

Peach season runs from mid-May to mid-August. Despite what you see in stores, there is a season for peaches.

"There's a season for peaches when you're supposed to eat them and when they're the best," said Pearson.

Back in March, there was one night where temperatures got low enough to affect 30% of the peach crop.

"It was kind of a freak event," said Pearson. "That's the peach business."

Luckily, there are still plenty of peaches left. If you want some, you can find them in places like Kroger and Aldi, or you can go to the farm and get some while you watch the process in the packing shed.

According to Pearson, Georgia's peaches "taste better than everybody else's." The farm is located at 5575 Zenith Mill Road.

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