The lights are still out for some people around Twiggs County. Crews are out working to restore the power lost during the storm as quickly as possible.

“Yeah, we’re just hoping and wishing," says one Twiggs County man with no power. According to EMA director Jack Wood, roughly 50 to 65 percent of the 8,000 people in Twiggs County are still without power in their home. Cuevas Stephens hasn't had the lights in his house since early Wednesday night.

“Yeah, it flashed a little bit then went all the way out, so we’ve just been in the dark," says Cuevas Stephens.

While he waits for Oconee EMC Power Company to restore his power, he finds other ways to have his house lit up.

“This bar light, it lights up the whole house. I put it in a central location -- it has a magnet strip so it hangs up. These right here are my best friends," says Stephens.

Jack Wood says these guys have been out here around the clock working to get power back in homes. "We had crews come in last night and they’re still working this morning, some places have been restored. Still have some trees down on house, so we are working on those reports, and we are about to go out and finish assessing."

In the meantime, Stephens says he will patiently wait and enjoy the beautiful day, "Just making the best of it -- listening to the birds, enjoying the daylight, but like I said, it gives us time to sit around and enjoy each other, be friendly, be neighborly.”

Power companies want people to know that they are working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore everyone’s power and to be patient with them as they work around the clock.