If you have ever gotten on or off the interstate at the Spring Street exit, then you've probably seen Arthur Pinish. People say they've seen him for years and they'll miss having him around.

Between the roar of cars and the honking of horns, most people wouldn't consider an interstate bridge as shelter, but for 75-year old Arthur Pinish, it was home.

Friday night, Pinish was struck by a car on the ramp to I-16 west near the Spring Street bridge.

On Sunday night, Bibb County Chief Coroner Leon Jones says Pinish died from his injuries.

Brandi O'Dette is the manager at a nearby fast food store. She says Pinish hung around there for years.

"People would buy him food and he wouldn't take it, but if I took the food and threw it in the dumpster, he would go to the dumpster and grab it out," said O'Dette.

O'Dette said he was very independent and never asked anyone for anything.

Commenters on our Facebook post agreed -- one man saying he once offered Pinish shoes and a jacket, and he wouldn't accept.

"I got the impression it was a pride thing -- 'Leave me alone, I figured out how to take care of myself. I've got this,'" said O'Dette.

We asked the Rescue Mission of Central Georgia and the Mulberry United Methodist Food Kitchen if they knew Pinish. Both ministries said he never walked through their doors, and O'Dette says she's sad he'll never walk back through hers.

"It is actually going to be really weird not seeing him here. It was really sad and it's going to be really different," O'Dette said.

Several people say they think Pinish may have been a veteran and would like to give him a proper burial. We're still working to get that information confirmed.

Bibb County Chief Coroner Leon Jones says they need help locating Pinish's family. If you have information, you can call the coroner's office at 478-621-6314.