UPDATE; Friday Oct. 26 11:47p.m.

Crossroads Apartments has running water according to Lee Gilmour, the Perry city manager. He says the apartment passed a recent inspection and the city turned the water on this Monday. The apartment complex has until Nov. 3 to make other repairs.


It's been nearly two weeks since a Perry apartment complex has been without running water. The city says they cut off the water on Oct. 1 because of building violations. This isn't the first time the city and Crossroads Apartments have been at odds. Back in 2014, the legal dispute went to court.

The judge ultimately decided against eviction in hopes that the owner made repairs. The complex has over a dozen units. Some of those apartments are rented to families who say they have children to think about.

"New management and vacant rooms" is the sign posted outside of Crossroads Apartments.

It's what you don't see that concerns some of the tenants living there. They've gone 11 days without running water. Charles Wainwright has lived here for almost two years.

"I've got nowhere to go. This is my home," said Wainwright.

Wainwright says the landlord has a jug of water outside that people can use in the meantime.

"It's kind of inconvenient but we manage you know," said Wainwright.

Perry City Manager Lee Gilmour sent documents to the landlord, Mark Green, asking him to request an inspection of the complex and to send a complete set of plans showing how all building codes are met. The letter says a failed inspection means utilities will be immediately shut off. Ester Joseph says he's concerned about the children living there.

"It makes you feel bad to see kids that have to go to school and have to hustle for water, and I don't think that's right," said Joseph.

Parents have to heat up the jug water to bathe their kids. Some tenants says they don't mind while others want answers. Taking a look inside of Wainwright's apartment, he says bottled water is getting him through it.

"I got one 32 to a pack and I got one that's 24 to a pack," said Wainwright.

The 13WMAZ team called the landlord earlier today but didn't get a call back.

Another employee said he was out of town. Gilmour says it's up to the city board of health to decide whether living in the apartment without water is a health hazard.