Last year, the fairgrounds took in several animals during Hurricane Irma, but this year, the calendar looks a lot different and they are slammed up with events.

One of the things on the slate is the Paso Fino Horse Show Championships, and by its very nature, it will draw in evacuees.

Ashley Aldred is the co-chair of the show.

"We have about 500 horses coming in with the same goal -- they all want to win a national championship," she said.

Aldred's got a lot of details to wrap up and that's a good thing, because she is from Charlotte, North Carolina.

It's right in the path of Florence.

"We've mainly been going online to check on the progress of the storm. I felt a little sad when I was leaving Charlotte I was like, 'Please be here when I get home,'" she said.

Other folks involved with the show are in the same boat

In fact, Aldred expects many horse owners to arrive from the Carolinas Thursday.

And as if competing for a national championship isn't enough, worrying about your home could make the whole weekend unnerving.

"Yeah, there is definitely some anxiety and we had a similar situation last year -- some of our staff is from Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria hit while we were here last year, so we've kind of been through this before with that anxiety, but I think it's also good we're all here these are all people that know each other," she said. "It's good to be around people you know."