Raising an animal is no easy task, and many students learn that through Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Just over a week ago, the students at Perry High hit a major roadblock when they lost all of their pigs in a barn fire.

Now, they are getting help from farmers across the country.

“It was like 5 a.m. and I pull up and I ask my ag teacher, ‘is it true’ even though I was standing there,” said senior Charley Lollis. “I just couldn’t fathom it and she just held me and we both just cried.”

Her pigs were some of the 55 that died in the barn fire, but the agriculture community wasn’t going to allow that fire to put these students down.

“We’ve had people call from Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and we had some pigs that were donated from Georgia that are Georgia born and bred,” said ag teacher Ashley Denton.

74 pigs have found their way to Central Georgia and now they'll be raised and shown by students like Lollis.

For now, they are being housed at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

“It taught us a lesson. Things can go just in an instant, but you have people supporting, you have people who want you to do well [and] keep up what you’re doing,” Lollis said.

She says that shows just how much the ag community comes together when they need it most.

Lollis says now when she steps in the ring to compete, it’ll mean a little more.

“I’ll have that drive and I’ll want to keep going and want to do better for them, to show them we’re so thankful for what they gave us,” Charley said

She’s ready to get to work with her two pigs Biscuits and Gravy.

“There's definitely a lot of good pigs and a lot of students willing to work hard and they’re ready to get back,” Lollis said. “We might have been set back a week, but Perry FFA will come back and were going to do just fine in the state show come February.”

Houston County Schools hopes to have new barn built at Perry High School by the middle of January.