Some people in Florida are still dealing with the wrath of Hurricane Michael. Students at one Houston County high school wanted to help students down in the area with the recovery process. Students at Perry High School have spent weeks filling up backpacks full of school supplies to donate to those Florida students. Biology teacher Tammy Conner says they organized a donation drive called "Packs for Panhandle."

"We felt as though the last thing those kids and those families needed to worry about was whether or not they had pens, pencils, and school supplies," said Conner.

Conner says for the last three weeks, students in the National Honor Society spent time writing encouraging notes to stick inside the backpacks. Kamal Patel is a senior and president of Perry's National Honor Society. He says he was only expecting about 10 students to help out.

"Turned out almost the entire group of honor society came out. We had so many kids. Around 30 to 40 came, and we just made an assembly line packing those backpacks," said Patel.

The students stuffed about 60 bags. Conner says each backpack with supplies inside is worth around $20. Patel says he searched online to see what Hurricane Michael did to schools in Florida.

"School buildings were getting destroyed, how people's houses were getting destroyed, and some people in that area did not have any where to live," said Patel.

So he decided to join in and give a helping hand. Donations included things like paper, hand sanitizer, highlighters, binders, and disinfecting wipes.

"By sending these materials, it may not improve everything, but it will at least give them a start to making things better down there," said Patel.

The supplies will go to one elementary, middle, and high school in the Port Saint Joe Area.