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Great Grads | Perry High senior moves from Nepal to the US, graduates top 5 in class

After her town in Nepal was destroyed by an earthquake, Amadita Singh moved to America, learned to speak English, and became top 5 in her graduating class.

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — Every morning this week, we're sharing why so many Central Georgia students are 'Great Grads.' Our third graduate is down in Houston County.

Amadita Singh was born in Nepal and came to the U.S. in 9th grade. It was a struggle to adjust at first, but things have gotten better. 

Now, she's graduating in the top 10 of her class and heading to the University of Virginia. 

When Singh lived in Nepal, an earthquake destroyed most of her town and killed one of her friends. 

"I just wanted to leave and my family will be okay," said Singh.

Shortly after, she moved to America with her mother and two younger sisters, to reunite with her father — who moved four years earlier. 

"Then my dad thought of bringing us over to America and continuing our education here because it's really nice here," she said.

Singh says her mother is a stay-at-home mom and her father's income provides for the family. Because of financial struggles, she knew if she didn't get a full-ride scholarship to college, she couldn't go.

So Singh got to work, starting her freshman year learning English and adjusting to a new education system.

"I don't know where [or] how to get to my second class. I'm gonna be late, my teachers are gonna think that I'm a bad student, but I'm not... I just don't know anything," she recalled.

Then things started to get better. Singh joined several school clubs and she started taking AP classes. Her teacher and color guard dance coach, Lindsey Gentry, says she's proud of her growth over the years.

"She is exactly what every teacher wants in a student. She works hard, she's intrinsically motivated to work hard and to learn the material. She has a very special gift," said Gentry.

That special gift paid off. She's now ranked 4th out of 309 students in her class.

"I'm in top 10? I'm in top 10!," Singh exclaimed.

She also landed herself a full-ride scholarship to the University of Virginia. 

Singh wants to become an architect so she can provide for her family; just like her father has her entire life. 

"I wish that my mom and my dad could go somewhere and then they could buy whatever they want, like I could proudly pay for that," said Singh.

She encourages others to never give up no matter the situation. Singh has two younger sisters in middle school. She says she hopes she serves as a role model to them.


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